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#15 Mental Health, Meditation & Green Space

May 24, 2021 Dr Liz Spakes Season 1 Episode 15
Nature's Architects
#15 Mental Health, Meditation & Green Space
Show Notes

We all know the impact of green space has been on our mental health particularly in the last 15 months and how much we appreciate it due to the pandemic, but how important is it to our actual health and psychology!

Dr Liz Sparkes personal friend and expert in heart-based meditation  and compassion practices, a health and spiritual coach.  She is a real-life Doctor with PhD is in pain psychology and has extensively explored ways to change the experience of pain on world meditation day.

We cover so many topics in such a short amount of time so I hope you all enjoy this one. I  learnt a lot. So grab a drink and enjoy listening to Dr Liz Sparkes, if you find this as interesting as I did you'll probably want to implement this into your business.

Liz is an amazing practitioner and is the director of a great company which is simply Dr Liz Sparkes. Her training sessions, courses and training are all around heart-based living. Coaching sessions support you to move forward, towards personal growth and change. 

We have a great chat about mental health, mindset and the impact that green space has on all of this. Liz is a firm believer in meditation and what we do plus the impact it can have on teams and team building. So if you want to book a session with her after listening to the podcast or want to chat with her visit her website

We  try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • How has the business developed;
  • which is mindfulness and compassion;
  • how can you implement meditation within your own business;
  • being grateful for your teams;
  • the importance of green space to mental health;

We will end with:

  • what does great look like in relation to mental health and green infrastructure

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