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#13. Simon Delahunty-Forrest - Let's make the second city great again

April 26, 2021 Simon Delahunty-Forrest Season 1 Episode 13
Nature's Architects
#13. Simon Delahunty-Forrest - Let's make the second city great again
Show Notes

This week we chat with my old line manager and now the Acting Assistant Director of Planning at Birmingham City Council, a true brummie, born and raised in Birmingham and now taking the City to 2040 with its new plan. Simon is a a real character and enthusiast within the urban design world and someone who truly has a passion for promoting a completely holistic approach to urban design and place making, which is designed and developed to provide many multifunctional purposes. So welcome to Simon Delahunty-Forrest

We could talk about so many things, this is all about how we make Birmingham a true destination again and achieve its 2040 plan Our Future City Plan – Central Birmingham 2040 to deliver six key themes:

  1. City of centres
  2. Growth for all
  3. City of nature
  4. City of layers
  5. City of connections
  6. City of knowledge and innovation

We will try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • how Simon got into masterplanning and urban design, 
  • the impact of Covid and peoples need for good well designed and local places
  • how urban design works in practice and how masterplanners contribute to the delivery of a better place?
  • what resinates with him and why he wanted to lead from the front at the City Council

We will end with:

  • what does great look like in relation to urban design and the future of the natural environment look like to you... 

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