Nature's Architects

#11. Dr Wei Yang, President of the RTPI

April 12, 2021 Dr Wei Yang Season 1 Episode 11
Nature's Architects
#11. Dr Wei Yang, President of the RTPI
Show Notes

This week we have a real collaborative podcast and the reason why this series was developed. I'm really pleased to have managed to get 30 minutes of Dr Wei Yang's time. She is the current President of the Royal Town Planning Institute and is really passionate about the natural environment and bringing her experience of garden towns and cities into everyday planning. 

We’re going to be looking at, how we as professionals can actively promote green infrastructure and the built environment, its importance to how we live, work and play and what steps the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) are taking to inspire a different way of thinking not just on new development projects but also within the existing urban environments.

Introducing the President of the Royal Town Planning Institute and someone who believes the fundamental objective of the planning profession, is to create a balanced system for people, nature and society to co-exist in harmony.… Dr Wei Yang 

We will try to cover a wide topic base including 

  • how Wei got into planning, 
  • the garden town & city movement and its importance now
  • the impact of Covid and peoples need for good quality and accessible green space
  • what the RTPI is and where Wei wants to take it to
  • how people get into planning and it not be simply a term that people switch off too

We will end with:

  • what does great look like in relation to the built environment and the future of the natural environment and how Wei wants her presidency of the RTPI to be remembered? 

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