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#10. Biodiversity Net Gain with a Couple of Experts

March 29, 2021 Matt Wall, Nick White Season 1 Episode 10
Nature's Architects
#10. Biodiversity Net Gain with a Couple of Experts
Show Notes

This week its a double header, as we chat with the Principal Advisor on Net Gain to Natural England and champion of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and our very own in-house Senior Ecologist and expert on BNG. So welcome to Nick White of Natural England and Matt Wall of Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants.

We’re going to be looking at biodiversity net gain in detail and how it can be implemented effectively on individual development sites of all scales and then what the joined up approach is for Local Nature Recovery. This is a subject that has never been more talked about and we are seeing get implemented across sites, with so many benefits. The big take home is early planning, understand what you have on site and then you can plan for the 10% net gain. 

We will try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • how Nick and Matt got into their current roles
  • the impact of Covid and peoples need for good well designed and local places
  • the simple view of what BNG is and how it can be implemented
  • the importance of BNG and how anyone can make small impacts
  • the Environment Bill
  • plus the importance of community building and how well Urban&Civic have got Alconbury Weald functioning so well

We will end with:

  • what does great look like in relation to net gain and the future of the natural environment look like to you... 

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