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#07 - European Arboricultural Council

March 08, 2021 Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants Season 1 Episode 7
Nature's Architects
#07 - European Arboricultural Council
Show Notes

This week we chat to Jonathan Cocking Director of JCA and President of the European Arboricultural Council (EAC). This is part 2 and specifically looking at the EAC and Jonathan's planning for JCA.

This discussion goes in a great direction and if you are interested in arboriculture in Europe and the European Treeworker Certificate, or simply want to understand more about business management, this is the podcast for you. Clearly arboriculture and running businesses is so intertwined in his life plus seeing the success of the business. 

We  try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • what the EAC is;
  • the differences between the European and UK arb scene;
  • the things the UK needs to be aware of;
  • business succession; and
  • what is the future for the industry.

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