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#05. Tech and Arboriculture with Ian Hanou

February 22, 2021 Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants Season 1 Episode 5
Nature's Architects
#05. Tech and Arboriculture with Ian Hanou
Show Notes

Now this is a great chat, with urban forester and real tech entrepreneur from PlanIT Geo and TreePlotter. This is a system as a company we have been using for 18 months and see it as the most powerful tree data capture system for both our team and most importantly our clients. 

This week we CEO and Founder of PlanIT Geo, a person who is passionate about the recovery of nature in cities across the world, via the use of technology and the drive to promote the benefits of urban trees to the masses. Him and the PlantIT team challenge clients, decision-makers and citizens to elevate the critical importance and value of urban forests in creating vibrant, liveable cities. So welcome to Ian Hanou, Director and Founder PlanIT Geo & TreePlotter

It was great to get to know the person behind the technology drive in arboriculture Ian as his enthusiasm for strategic approaches to improve our understanding of the importance of data relating to canopy cover. As a company we rely on TreePlotter and all of the work done by Ian and his team including Russell, Cherry and Theri in the UK.  TreePlotter increases surveying efficiency, can be used across multiple devices by multiple people, it integrates tree risk, BS5837, CAVAT and many other surveying elements and iTree integration is on the horizon.

We  try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • why urban forestry is vital;
  • how iTree can be integrated;
  • how simple and effective TreePlotter is;
  • the differences between the UK and USA arboriculture scenes

We will end with:

  • the need for integration of systems
  • canopy cover assessments

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