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#04. The importance of green space post Covid with Chris Worman MBE

February 15, 2021 Chris Worman MBE Season 1 Episode 4
Nature's Architects
#04. The importance of green space post Covid with Chris Worman MBE
Show Notes

Now this is a fascinating chat, with a man who has travelled the world both managing and assessing parks from Dudley to the desert parks in the United Arab Emirates.
This week we  welcome to the Parks & Grounds manager from Rugby Borough Council, someone with enormous passion for green space and its use, and has been recognised by royalty for his exceptional work with Green Flag for delivering exceptional green space for over 35 years, it is an absolute pleasure to be speaking with Chris Worman MBE. Chris has also spent many years with the Midlands Park Forum and in a nutshell wants to ensure every person has access to useable green space.

I could have spent all day speaking with Chris as his enthusiasm for green space, integration of the public with it and strategic approaches are ingrained with everything that he does. The work he has done has taken him around the world. He explains how he got into the green space and infrastructure industry and the changes that he has seen.  

We  try to cover a wide topic base including:

  • why connecting green space is so important;
  • collaborative approaches to green space development;
  • community engagement;
  • the benefits of green space to health and wellbeing;
  • Green Flag awards and the standard it sets;
  • career paths through the industry;
  • what is the future for the industry.

We will end with:

  • what comes from crisis and the pandemic in terms of the vital role that green space plays in everyday lives
  • what is the biggest challenge for the industry

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