Nature's Architects

#01. President of the Landscape Institute

January 26, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
Nature's Architects
#01. President of the Landscape Institute
Show Notes

And for this, our first ever episode, we are setting the bar high with our guest. I have personally watched and admired the work of Jane Findlay from afar for many years, and I was delighted when I saw the announcement during the lockdown in June, that she had become President of the Landscape Institute

We’re going to be looking at, how we as professionals can actively promote green infrastructure and its importance to how we live, work and play and what steps the Landscape Institute are taking to inspire great places.

Introducing to you the President of the Landscape Institute, Director of Fira Landscape Architects and someone who truly has a passion for promoting the psychological and physical benefits that quality landscape design plays in our everyday lives... Jane Findlay

We will try to cover a wide topic base including 

  • how Jane got into landscape architecture, 
  • what the Landscape Institute is and their mantra of 'inspiring great places' really means
  • the impact of Covid and peoples need for good quality and accessible green space
  • why do we allow dead landscapes to be implemented
  • how people get into landscape architecture

We will end with:

  • what does great look like in relation to landscape architecture and the future of the natural environment look like to you and how do you want your presidency of the Landscape Institute to be remembered? 

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